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Hi! I'm Emily. My blog mostly has to do with The Avengers, Iron Man, Agents of Shield, and pretty much anything else to do with RDJ. I'm a big fan of Disney movies, Harry Potter, Castle, BBC Sherlock, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Fullmetal Alchemist. And I am a Nerdfighter as well :). Feel free to talk to me!

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Guardians of the Galaxy seems to be an odd stand-alone, a film not linked directly to other Marvel movies. Or is it? DUN DUN DUN. According to director James Gunn, the film is “definitely connected to Avengers 3.” Thanos will be motion-captured just like Rocket Raccoon and Groot, and might be headed towards Earth to collect the remaining Infinity Stones in order to piece together the ultimate weapon that will grant the Mad Titan god-like power.

The Avengers, by Daniel Murray.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Elizabeth Henstridge Talks Dancing With Tom Hiddleston (X)

Can I say something… crazy?


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Pepper/Tony: Things are different now, I have to protect the one thing that I can’t live without. That’s you.



#”damn fucking right i did”

you are a pretentious prick who is also a transphobic piece of trash, go to hell



There is so much of this stuff in my ask box, and most of it not even anonymous, but I don’t want to call out any particular user because I know they’ll then get a lot of hateful asks and the cycle will just continue.

First off, there’s a comma splice in your ask. I just have to let you know that, on account of how I’m a pretentious prick.

I hope that I’m not transphobic. I’ve been public and vocal in my support for the rights of trans people for years, and I’ve tried over the years to amplify trans voices, from T Cooper to Stephen Ira Beatty, rather than pretending to be able to speak for them. 

Look, I am a person, and I am not a particularly good one. I am screwed up and make a lot of mistakes. But I am not a piece of trash. I would imagine that you are also screwed up and make a lot of mistakes, but you aren’t a piece of trash either.

But it is still hurtful—very hurtful—to hear people call me a piece of trash. It just makes me sad to hear, the way I think it would make most people sad to hear. The certainty and lack of nuance in that characterization reflects a broader lack of nuance in online discourse these days that just bums me out. 

If you know John Green at all you’ll know that he is actually an awesome, funny, smart person (just check out his videos like Vlogbrothers).  People really need to stop sending him hate, he does not deserve it at all.

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gif battleaominestetsu vs halequeens

ii. any ship + colors